Date of Birth: 09-05-49

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Local Break: Pleasure Point

Favorite Wave: 38th Ave./Threes/Scorpion Bay

Stance: Regular

Quiver: Favorite - 9'10" Round Pin Traditional, 10'5" sgl fin, 9'6" 422 sgl fin, 8'6" 2+1 Egg (Matt's shape), 8' 211 sgl fin/ 9'4" rd pin surftech 2+1/

Sponsors: Hap Jacobs and Freeline Design

Favorite Moves: left go right sweep turn

Began Surfing: 1962

Top Contest Finishes

Education: BA Graphic Arts

Surfing Influences: Dora, BK, Michel Junod, John Mel, Peter Mel and Pat Farley
Current Job: Freeline Design Surf Shop

Past Trips: Hawaii, and Mexico

Future Trips: Hawaii

Country, Blues, Rock, Speedmetal, and whatever.....!

Favorite Quote: "you guys realllllly missed it" "you should've been here yesterday"

Why ride for Jacobs Surfboards? Someone had to support Hap's fishing habit!!!