Date of Birth: 5/26/99

Hometown: Malibu

Local Break:
1st point Malibu

Favorite wave: Queens

Stance: regular

Quiver:7'6 noserider, 5'0 211 egg

Sponsors: Hap Jacobs Surfboards, Termite Skateboards, and grindking

Favorite moves: noserides and floaters

Began surfing: 3 years old

Top contest finishes: 4th place doheny menehune,4th boardriders malibu contest, 1st place Santa Cruz Longboard Union Novie Division

Education: 2nd grade

Surfing influnces: CJ Nelson, Bonga Perkins

Current job:

Past Trips:
Hawaii, Baja

Future Trips:Cabo

Music: AC/DC, Bad Company

Why ride Jacobs surfboards? it has become a family tradition