Date of Birth: 4/28/1947

Hometown: Hermosa Beach

Local Break: San Onofre Dog Patch

Favorite Wave: Uncrowded and to the right

Stance: Regular

Quiver: 9’6” Mike Purpus Model (1967 clone), 9’8 Mike Purpus Model, 9’6” 422, 9’6” Noserider, 9’8” 3-stringer Noserider, 1967 Vintage G&S Hot Curl, 10’0” Jacobs Surftech Prototype

Sponsors: Hap Jacobs Surfboards, Surfside Sports, Pure Beach Classics Surfwear, O'fish'l Fins

Favorite Moves:
Noseriding, drop-knee cutbacks

Began Surfing: 1959 to 1970, and again in 1992 to present
Top Contest Finishes: Hobie San Onofre Classic: 1st in 1998, 2nd in 2001, 2nd in 2005, 2nd 1995 US Longboard Championships, 2nd 1995 5th Annual Longboard Classic Edison, Huntington Beach, 1st 1995 Bud Light Oceanfest San Clemente, 2nd 1994 Stringers Custom Classic C-Street Ventura, Champion 1995 WLA Legends Division

Education: El Camino Jr. College 2 yrs

Surfing Influences:
Tim Kelly & Freddy Phaller in the 60s, family in the 90s

Current Job: Aerospace Composite Tool Builder

Past Trips: Kauai 2005

Future Trips: Kauai 2008

Music: Tom Peety, Bob Dylan, Bonnie Riatt, John Prine, Rod Piazza, and The Mighty Flyers

Favorite Quote: “Be a fountain, not a drain” – Rex Hudler “The Wonder Dog”

Why ride for Jacobs Surfboards? Hap’s boards were great riders in the 60s and with Hap’s return in the 90s, they are once again great riders…with added refinements!