Date of Birth: April 24,1967

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Local Break: Steamer's Lane

Favorite Wave:

Stance: Regular

Quiver: Hap Jacobs 10' Classic, 10' 422, 9'4" 422
round pin, 9'4" Noserider, 7'4" 211, 6'2" fish, 1967 10' Jacobs, 4-man outrigger surf canoe, One man outrigger canoe and my fins for bodysurfing

Sponsors: Hap Jacobs

Favorite Moves: Hanging Ten and/or getting barreled. I love both because each is very magical when it happens. Time ceases to exist when on the tip or in the tube. A most mystical feeling that I love.

Began surfing: 1978

Contests: Never been in one

Surfing influences: Dawn patrolling underground locals, seagulls, dolphins, seals

Current Job: Dad of Gabe and Isaiah, Emergency Room Tech

Past Trips: All Hawaiian Islands, Baja, El Salvador, Tavarua

Future trips: New Zealand

Music: Reggae(roots, new, dub), Jawaiian, 70's & 80's R&B/Soul, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, IZ, Ka'au Crater Boys, 80's Hip hop

Favorite Quote:

Why ride for Jacobs? I have been riding for Hap for 11 years now and I love the glide just as much as when I first rode one of his boards. Smooth and easy. I am honored to represent Jacobs in Santa Cruz. It is amazing to feel connected to surfing's roots through the legacy of Hap and his boards. I look forward to riding more of Matt shapes now because he shares the same attention to detail that Hap is known for. He has the touch and flow.