Date of Birth: September 22, 1979

Arcadia, CA

Local Break:
Malibu transplant to El Porto

Favorite Wave: Restaurants (Tavarua

Stance: Goofy

Quiver: 9'6" Traditional, 9'4" Mike Purpus Model, 9'2" New Shape, 9'0" High Performance, 5'10" Twinzer, 5'6" fish, 9'4" Traditional 422 Noserider, 6'2" Shrimp-- all by Hap Jacobs Surfboards; 6'4" Matt Calvani thruster - Job perks!

Sponsors: Hap Jacobs Surfboards, Matt Calvani, my good ol’ bank account

Favorite Moves: Tens, right-go-left

Began Surfing: age 21

Top Contest Finishes: 3rd, Malibu Boardriders Call To The Wall, 4th, Malibu Surfing Assocation Classic, 14th, World Longboard Championships (Costa Rica), 1st Rob Machado Classic, 4th Guy Takayama Pro Huntington

Education: BA International Economics and Chinese Literature, UCLA

Surfing Influences:
Hap Jacobs, Matt Calvani, Mike Purpus, and the “Ladies of the Bu”

Current Job: General Manager, Bing & Jacobs Surfboard

Past Trips: Mexico, Costa Rica, Japan, France, Spain, Taiwan, Fij

Future Trips: Maldives, New Zealand, England, Australia, Peru

Music: disco and everything 80s, Modest Mouse, & the Ashle Lloyd Situation

Favorite Quote: Confucius says…Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

Why ride for Jacobs Surfboards? To perpetuate the legacy of a master craftsman and pioneer of his trade and because without team-riders who would boast on Hap’s behalf…definitely not Hap! And to work side by side with Matt Calvani, is not only an education but an honor.