DOB: June 4th 1983

Hometown: Bay Head NJ

Local Break: Karge St

Favorite Wave:
Milk Island

Stance: Goofy

Quiver: Jacobs 9'6'' East Coast Noserider 9'4'' Jacobs 422 9'6' Jacobs Longboard

Sponsors: Sea Hags Longboard Club,Beach House,and whoever my friend Sam rides for

Favorite Moves:
4's and 9's

Began Surfing: Ehhhh a couple years ago?

Top Contest Results: I win the ones I run

Education: Business Degree

Surfing Influences: Dora, Mark Gonzales, Owen Wilson, Swayze, and Keanu Reeves.

Current Job: Beach House and Running my clothing company -

Past Trips: Guns and Whips

Future Trips: Chinatown

Music: Goons of Doom, Grandaddy, Morrissey,Richard Hell, Dinosaur Jr, Rushmore Soundtrack.

Quote: "with the type of art thats coming out nowadys, Im almost ready to accept Picasso"

Why Ride for Jacobs?: You meet the nicest people on a Jacobs.