9'2" to 10'8"

17 1/2" to 18"

22 1/2" to 23 3/4"

14 1/2" to 15 1/4"

2 3/4" to 3 1/2"

Jacobs’ newest member, Tom Wegener has joined the Jacobs shaping team to help design a series of Jacobs Tom Wegener models. Famed for his amazing logging skills and ingenuity and design of traditional single-fin longboards, Tom has joined forces with brother Jon Wegener and Matt Calvani to capture the essence and history of Jacobs Surfboards in traditional longboard design.

The Model A is a traditional board that has no sweet spot or pivot point so it can be turned from any part of the board. This board features a soft, round bottom and contoured rails which stick to the wave. This board will start to angle across the wave all by itself. The board also has a long flat rocker in the mid-length of the board for ease of paddling and amazing glide. In addition the nose and tail have a slight rocker for easy turning. The trick was to put the flat rocker together with ease of turning. This is achieved by a blend of eggy down rails in the midsection of the board to up-style rails at the tip of the tail. This board will allow you to catch waves effortlessly and surf with tradition and style.

This board comes standard with a Paulownia wood fin made by Tom Wegener himself and shipped from Australia. Wood nose and tail blocks are optional and an additional charge.